GEORGE INTERIOR DESIGN has been many years in the making, but made its debut to Southern California in March 2009. Headquartered in Mill Valley, CA. the company founder and primary designer is Emily Zoba Maynard. Maynard got her BA from Vanderbilt University (2003) and her design credentials from UCLA X in Los Angeles (2009). She received her design training at KAA Design Group and Waterleaf Interiors prior to starting GEORGE.




The philosophy behind GEORGE INTERIOR DESIGN is to use great design to create highly functional, classic, & elegant spaces. We take a structured approach to solve the most difficult design problems whether they are found in your kitchen, your living room or even at your office.  

We strive to understand our client’s objectives; It is our job to implement these goals and lend expertise to the project. We also strive to offer clients a fresh approach to working together.



phone: (310) 944-4361